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      Terms & Conditions of Delivery and Sale

      Solid Calcium Chloride
         Technical Grade
         Road Grade
         Food Grade
      Liquid Calcium Chloride
         Technical Grade
         Road Grade
         Food Grade

      Agricultural Nutrients
         Chloride–An Essential Element
         The Importance of Calcium
      Animal Feed
      Dust Binding
      Chemical Heating
      Concrete Acceleration
      Enzyme Production
      Food Processing
      Fluoride Removal
      Gas and Solvent Drying
      Mining Industry
      Oil and Gas Drilling
      Tire Weighting

      Conversion Calculators
      Materials of Construction
      Methods of Analysis
         CaCl2 Analysis
         Na, Mg, K, Fe, Pb Analysis
         Determining Alkalinity
         Analysing Insoluble Matter
         Determining pH
         Determining Heavy Metals
         Analysing Fluoride
         Analysing Arsenic
      CaCl2 Production
         Limestone-Hydrochloric Acid Process
         Natural Brine Process
      Storage & Handling
      Physical Properties
      Product Data Sheets
      Safety Data Sheets

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