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Storage & Handling
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Tankers for Calcium Chloride

Various sizes of road tankers are used for transporting calcium chloride liquid. Road tankers are fitted with air compressors for discharging the liquid. At the maximum safe working pressure of 2 bar, calcium chloride liquid can be discharged to a height of approximately 10 metres. If the storage tank is at a height greater than this, it will be necessary for the customer to install a pump.

Road tankers are typically equipped with a 4.6 metre length of 50 mm diameter flexible hose for connecting the tanker to the intake pipeline, which should terminate with a valve. A flange should be positioned in a vertical plane about 760 mm above ground level.

Storage Capacity

The minimum storage capacity recommended is 7 to 10 days usage plus the contents of a road tanker of the size delivered.

Additionally, an allowance of 10% free space should be made when calculating the capacity of the tank required.

For product specific information, see the individual product data sheets and safety data sheets.

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