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Technical Grade
Solid Calcium Chloride
Tetra Technologies
Technical grade calcium chloride is produced with special attention to quality and consistency. Our ISO system ensures that our high standards are maintained and improved.

Technical grade calcium chloride is used in a multitude of applications within a wide variety of industries. It is used as:

  • An agent for providing high density clear brine fluids in the oil industry.
  • A precipitant for fluorides, sulphates, and phosphates in water purification.
  • A safe, secondary cooling agent for hockey rinks and various construction projects.
  • An additive in concrete to decrease setting time, especially in cold weather conditions.
  • A dehumidifier and a desiccant in domestic and industrial applications.


Our solid technical grade calcium chloride flakes are produced in Finland.

Product Information

The following solid technical grade products are available. Click on the download links to get the applicable product data sheet (PDS) or safety data sheet (SDS).

77% Technical Grade Flakes
Produced in Kokkola, Finland
Product Data Sheet (PDS) | Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Kokkola Production Process

Our Kokkola production facilities utilise the limestone-hydrochloric acid process to produce calcium chloride. Click here for an overview of that process.
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