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Road Grade Liquid Calcium Chloride
Tetra Technologies
Road grade calcium chloride is produced to suit the specific needs of our road maintenance and de-icing customers. Our ISO system ensures that our high standards of production are maintained and improved.

TETRA Road grade calcium chloride is used mainly for maintenance of gravel and dirt roads and in de-icing applications on paved and unpaved surfaces.

Calcium chloride is both hygroscopic and deliquescent. These related properties both involve absorption of atmospheric moisture and retention of moisture present in the soil, making it ideal for dust binding on gravel and dirt roads. An unpaved surface treated with this product, when cured and compacted, forms a hard and smooth riding surface, significantly reducing dust displacement.

Calcium chloride is a very effective de-icing agent. Calcium chloride is effective to temperatures as low
as -25°C. The use of calcium chloride to melt snow and ice and to prevent low friction conditions is an efficient tool in any winter road maintenance program.


Road grade calcium chloride is produced in the Germany, Finland and Sweden. It is available worldwide through our network of distributors as a bulk liquid in vessel or tank truck or in other packaging upon request.

Product Information

The following liquid road grade product is available from TETRA. Click on the download links to get the applicable product data sheet (PDS) or safety data sheet (SDS).

32% Road Grade Liquid
Produced in Kokkola, Finland
Product Data Sheet (PDS) | Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
34% Technical Grade Liquid
Produced in Frankfurt, Germany
Product Data Sheet (PDS) | Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
34% Technical Grade Liquid
Produced in Helsingborg, Sweden
Product Data Sheet (PDS) | Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Kokkola Production Process

Our Kokkola production facilities utilise the limestone-hydrochloric acid process to produce calcium chloride. Click here for an overview of that process.
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