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Oil and Gas Drilling
Tetra Technologies
TETRA offers calcium chloride products that are used in:
  • Completion and workover fluids,
  • Basic drilling fluids,
  • Oil based mud/inverted drilling fluids, drill-in fluids, and horizontal drilling fluids,
  • Clear water flocculation applications, and
  • Cementing applications.

Calcium chloride is used as a clear brine single salt fluid in densities ranging from 1006 kg/m3 to 1390 kg/m3 (8.4 to 11.6 lb/gal). The divalent calcium ion (Ca+2) inhibits clay swelling, dispersion and migration. Calcium chloride brines are one of the most economical brines used in oilfield completion and workover operations.

TETRA has been developing and delivering high quality, innovative clear brine fluids (CBFs) and related products and services to the oil and gas industry for well over two decades.

With seven North American and three European calcium chloride production facilities and a significant global marketing presence, TETRA is the leading worldwide supplier of calcium chloride.

For more information on our clear brine fluids and additives designed for use in the oil and gas industry, please visit the Fluids and Filtration section of the TETRA Technologies, Inc. Web site.

36% Technical Grade Liquid
Produced in Helsingborg, Sweden
Product Data Sheet (PDS) | Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
77% Technical Grade Flakes
Produced in Kokkola, Finland
Product Data Sheet (PDS) | Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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