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Agricultural Nutrients
Tetra Technologies
TractorTETRA, the world's largest producer of calcium chloride, supplies products suitable for use in the agricultural industry.

All of these products contain 100% water soluble calcium, which gives our customers a tremendous advantage over those using much less soluble calcium sources such as gypsum and limestone.

The products are used:

  • As a nutrient to supply calcium for crops, alone or in a blend of other nutrients
  • As a soil amendment to reduce sodium levels, improve soil tilth and flocculate the soil, and
  • As a post harvest dip to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • As a manure additive to reduce ammonia evaporation by decreasing the pH
  • As an acidifying salt for reducing DCAB in feed to prevent milk fever
  • As an ingredient in drinking water for chickens, where calcium supports the development of bones and shell and to reduce heat stress by improving the mineral/salt balance.

Calcium as a Nutrient

Calcium is necessary to the growth and development of all plant life. Only nitrogen and potassium are required in larger amounts by plants.

The following links will give you a brief overview of calcium's important role in the growth of plants.

77% Farm Flakes
Produced in Kokkola, Finland
Product Data Sheet (PDS) | Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
36% Food Grade Liquid
Produced in Helsingborg, Sweden
Product Data Sheet (PDS) | Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
34% Food Grade Liquid
Produced in Helsingborg, Sweden
Product Data Sheet (PDS) | Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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